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A word that in most Balkan languages means new young grass sprouting up after the first harvest, in late summer or early autumn, at the time of year when nature is most generous and the weather is most beautiful. There is a common saying amongst the Balkan people “Pusti mozak na otavu” which is equivalent to the idiom “Put your mind at ease”, meaning: relax yourself completely and forget about any stress or worries.

"Put your mind at ease"

Guided by the goals defined briefly by this parole, while relying on the best of Balkan’s traditional values, our company OTAVA d.o.o has been operating traditionally and professionally since 2009.

Since then, we have been recommended by thousands of satisfied customers. They say they enjoy our services with fulfillment and pleasure.

We owe the credit to our creative and experienced team of professionals who always seek to make your traveling experience worthwhile while exceeding your expectations. In addition, our team possesses all the necessary tourist agency licenses, such as: tourist guide license and Amadeus airline ticket issuing license. All employees can speak foreign languages (English, Russian, French…).

Our team provides information and directions for the trip, as well as payment options, all in the same place.

So far, we have worked and co-operated with partners from Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkey, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, France, USA, UAE, Poland, China… We look forward to working with you too.

Since the summer of 2016, the Otava Lux Villa has been operating as a part of our company - an exclusive accommodation in Vrnjačka Banja Spa, one of the most well-known Serbian natural spa areas, located in the historic valleys of the city Kraljevo, surrounded by cultural monuments, medieval castles and monasteries, right at the heart of Serbia and is the crossroads of many paths and directions.

Meet our team

Bratislav Raca Rajković

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Tamara Zlatković

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sales manager

Anna Radiushina

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project manager

Brankica Promicać

client manager / spa manager

Slađana Pejdo


Vladimir Budić


Marijana Budić

trip organizer